What is Earth’s Secret Alliance?

E.S.A. is kinda like Star Trek meets Star Wars meets Stargate meets The Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s nothing like them.

Sure, there are similarities, but I just wrote the stories that were in my head, and if they came too close to one of those, then I changed it.

As the title implies, like Star Trek: First Contact, it is the beginning of a planetary alliance. Like Stargate, it’s a secret government organization. And, like Star Wars, there is a supernatural Force guiding them.

I initially thought of it as a Stargate spinoff, but the more I thought of it, the less likely it would work.

I really wanted a Star Trek: The Next Generation-type story, but not limited by the same prime directive. But to get there, I had to write a prequel. The TNG-like stories are planned to start in Volume 3.

I also wanted a mystic force, like Star Wars has, but more tangible. Like, what if The Force spoke to you, but not with words?

And, finally, I wanted a family story like Superman & Lois. But again, I needed a prequel to get us there. These stories would be trying to balance work and family, and hopefully will start in Volume 2.

I refused to write the stories for ten years because I thought it was too obvious, and someone else would. When I started to write, I didn’t know if it would be a full-length novel, or something else, but I had different main characters at different times, and I like the TV episode length. So, it ended up being each character having their own novella/novelette. When I was looking if anyone had made a series of stories with different characters working together, the only one I could think of was the M.C.U.

There are currently about 10,000 sales, but as only about 70 are paperbacks, I’m not planning to do them for books 4 & 5. Instead, there will be a compilation, which will be more affordable.

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