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Earth’s Secret Alliance is Star Trek meets Star Wars meets Stargate meets The Marvel Cinematic Universe—but it’s so much more!

Why is ESA inspiring, not just entertaining?

Tony believes that we all have the same purpose–to use our gifts in service of others. As an author, Tony’s mission is to utilize his talent as a vehicle for connection and enlightenment. His stories dig under the surface and unveil the truth about the human condition in an original and uncompromising way. Tony’s heartfelt devotion to making a difference shines through everything he writes–and ESA is the culmination of years of dedication and research–the crowning jewel of his body of work so far.

Even if you aren’t able to support us financially, you can make a huge difference when you share this campaign with your friends, families, and communities. Networking works!

Note, if we don’t raise the $5,000 the campaign will fail and your money will be refunded. However, if you then contribute to my GoFundMe page and contact me, I will honor your rewards! But you must back my Kickstarter first!

Hurry, the Kickstarter campaign ends Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023!

Published by Tony B. Richard

Author of the Earth's Secret Alliance Series.

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