Happy Mother’s Day!

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Does your mom like Science Fantasy?

Science Fiction / Fantasy (or just Science Fantasy) combines both elements of Science Fiction and Fantasy. But what are they?

In science fiction, everything has a logical explanation, while fantasy has elements that defy explanation. With science fantasy, there is usually a logical explanation for supernatural elements.

Star Wars Episode 1 explains The Force as a connection to midi-chlorians, which I think is just a way to give a scientific explanation to a supernatural power.

In the Earth’s Secret Alliance series, there is also a supernatural force, and is also explained with science. That doesn’t negate the fact that there is a supernatural force, it just gives an explanation to those who don’t believe. You can read about it in Defying Gravity (on sale this month for $0.99).

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Books to lift your spirits

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It starts with a crashed UFO,
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You won’t believe what they are asking. Are we willing to give it up?

Who do you trust? Two superior officers, one seems a little crazy, and the other seems dangerous.

She’s young and beautiful with ideas that could save Earth, but will anyone give her a chance?


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Author of the Earth's Secret Alliance Series.

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