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I write clean fiction because I like stories that a family can read together, and there seems to be less and less out there.

I write for all ages. I want kids to be able to read and enjoy it, as well as adults. More importantly, I want something that they can read and enjoy together.

Two of my published books have main characters who are 19, one is 26, and another 45. To make matters worse, my two works in progress star a 12-year-old, and one over 60, and now I am trying to combine them into one novel. What category do I put that into?

Similarly to Dune, I originally head hopped between characters, because I didn’t know that readers might find that confusing. Hey, I was a computer programmer, not an English major. So, I broke it up into several smaller pieces (novellas) each starring a different main character, and now I’m bringing them back together.

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A 19 year old finds a crashed UFO, but looks are deceiving.

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A 26 year old negotiates. You won’t believe what they are asking. Are we willing to give it up?

A 45 year old must choose between two superior officers. One seems a little crazy, and the other seems more powerful but dangerous.

She’s 19 years old with ideas that could save Earth, but will anyone give her a chance?


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Author of the Earth's Secret Alliance Series.

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