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I’m amazed at how many people have said to me recently something like, “It sounds like UFOs are real, and the government has been covering them up.”

Like, really? You think I just made it up?

I thought this is a great time to give you an update on my books:

Roswell: First Contact

I based my first book on documentaries I saw of the 1947 Roswell crash, and information I could find on the internet. I then asked myself:
• Why there?
• Why then?
From there, I created a fictional story line about what I think might have happened.

If you have read this first book, I have made a few changes, but the main thing is that General Jones is in command of the Roswell base and takes the news of the crash to President Whitmore (to establish that it’s not Truman, and this is an alternate history).

The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided
Defying Gravity

These three books have not changed much.

The Woundless War

As you may remember, I started writing the fifth novella, that followed General Jones, and hoped to release it earlier this year. Unfortunately, I ran into the problem where I either repeated much of the other 4 stories, or my readers were lost, not knowing what happened before. In addition, I didn’t like the ending, the space battle, and I couldn’t release it until I was happy with it.

To resolve not repeating, but not having the reader be lost, I came up with these options:

  1. Tell the reader that the first three novellas were required reading before they read this one.
  2. Write the novel, that I originally started, with all the stories in chronological order.

I chose option 2. This gave me a chance to go back to the beginning and review/rewrite some sections that didn’t feel right.

In addition, I added a new (sixth) main character, a reporter. I had always planned on having someone record the events as history unfolds, but initially, I was going to have this be someone like the White House press secretary. But then I thought he would be too busy. So, then I thought of the local reporter, but then decided that he wouldn’t have access to all the information. So, who would?

Charlie's Big Chance

Enter Charlotte Baker, a twelve-year-old girl who wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps, but he didn’t believe in female reporters. So, she called herself Charlie.

Adults think their children don’t hear anything, but they hear everything. Charlie’s network of friends gives her all the information she needs.

She is a Sherlock Holmes fan, and she discovers the warehouse that they hid the UFO in, which impresses General Jones.

Her story is in development, and still has a way to go.

From Roswell To Area 51

There are also a few extras in the novel that may not appear in the novellas. The first (as the title of the book suggests) is the establishment of Area 51. For those who have read the books, are you surprised?
The second book started at Area 2, and the third book at Area 4.

The second extra is the couple’s first dates. Any guesses who?

The next release planned is the full-length novel, with all six main characters. However, if there is enough interest, Charlotte/Charlie may beat the big boys to the finish line. 😉

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Author of the Earth's Secret Alliance Series.

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