What does E.S.A. have in common with: The Avengers?

I didn’t ask myself this question, this is the answer I got when I asked myself; “What other story has individual stories, and then comes together?” The answer of course is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They started with Iron Man, then came the Hulk, Thor was the next to be added. Then they allContinue reading “What does E.S.A. have in common with: The Avengers?”


Thank you to everyone who has helped this book become a reality. To my wife, Lydia, without whom this wouldn’t be possible, to my Beta readers, to Alex Perkins for designing the beautiful cover, and to every person who pitched in their ideas and opinions. A special thanks to Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Dean Devlin,Continue reading “Acknowledgements”


Somewhere above the United States July 7, 1947 “Status report?” “Approaching the earth’s atmosphere now, Captain.” The captain nodded, turning his eyes back to the screen. He slid his long blue fingers forward across the panel in front of him, then looked over at the engineer. “Keep it steady,” he ordered. “I’m bringing it down.”Continue reading “Prologue”