Military Fiction

Click the book covers below for more info… Malcolm Dow must overcome the obstacles he’s faced since childhood to save not one planet, but two. General Greg Newman doesn’t know who to trust. One superior has an overactive imagination, and the other seems more powerful. FREE MOBI and ePub! Subscribe to his mailing list andContinue reading “Military Fiction”

Defying Gravity – Chapter One

October 1947“We have reached the moon, sir,” the pilot’s voice crackled over the radio. “Nuclear torpedo ready to launch. Destination distance, five miles.”The general’s face was a neutral mask. His hawkish eyes were sharp, and his lips were set into a firm line. “Launch.”A loud whooshing filled the audio. A second later, the torpedo appeared onContinue reading “Defying Gravity – Chapter One”

Defying Gravity – Cover Reveal

In 1947, there’s an alien invasion looming and humankind’s best hope is a brilliant nineteen-year-old woman. When the A-bomb ended the war, with a power unlike anything humans had ever witnessed, Mary Goss was driven to gain the knowledge to prevent another war from ever beginning. Now the Army has come calling, looking for “aContinue reading “Defying Gravity – Cover Reveal”

What is your favorite Star Wars movie or series?

I am a BIG Star Wars fan. I have spent many hours trying to levitate objects with The Force! Unsuccessfully, of course, but none the less, it changed my life. In my stories, there is a different type of force. It’ doesn’t move objects, but it does guide the characters. Other posts you might like:

What is your favorite Stargate series?

What is your favorite Stargate series? I watched the movie in the theater, but I’m not into evil parasite body snatchers, so I didn’t watch SG1 for the longest time. I started watching Stargate Universe when my brother was doing first aid for construction on the set. I enjoyed it, and then I watched Atlantis,Continue reading “What is your favorite Stargate series?”

Do you ever fight with yourself?

In the earlier versions of my books, most of the conflict was internal, you read the main character’s thoughts as they struggle with decisions. However, most readers wanted more, so I added real action. Here is a sample from “Roswell: First Contact”:As Malcolm exited the ship, his heart began racing. His hands felt clammy again.Continue reading “Do you ever fight with yourself?”

What is your favorite Star Trek series?

I grew up on “The Next Generation”, but I am really liking “Strange New Worlds”. I have to say that the other recent series were too dark, and I felt adrenalin burn out watching the worst-case scenario, followed by the worst-case scenario. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger. That’s partially why I started writing; there just didn’t seemContinue reading “What is your favorite Star Trek series?”