History of Zalma

This was originally the first chapter of the first book, but we deleted this scene as it is a boring way to start. It was then changed to be a video presentation at the end of the book (another deleted scene). Currently, it is planed that General Jones will talk about it in the third book.

Note that this story is a deleted scene and is not canon.
This story may change in future books.

The people of planet Zalma were a peaceful people. They developed space travel about a hundred years ago. Being that they are scientists they thought it is faster to send out automated probes to search for life in the galaxy, than to do it themselves. The sub-light-speed probes would move from solar system to solar system. If the probes found life on a planet, they would place themselves in orbit and monitor communications, continue scanning and transmit its findings back to Zalma.

1945: The first nuclear test
In 1945 the United States of America on Earth tested the first nuclear bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and less than a month later they detonated two more bombs in Japan. The Zalma probe detected all of this and sent it back to Zalma. This was big news to them, as they had found only one other planet with intelligent life. So they monitored our transmissions (radio, TV, etc) learning all our languages, our culture, & everything they could.

Was the other planet they had found. The Moadites did not not take kindly to being spied on. While the Zalmen tried to establish diplomatic communications with them, the Moadites ignored them and traced the transmissions to Zalma. They then sent an invasion force to take the planet and all their technology.

Fortunately for the Zalmen, their technology was far superior to the Moadites, and the energy shields that they created for space travel was enough to defend their planet. But the Zalmen were a peaceful people. They had not expected that there would be any hostile races that had space travel. They did not know how to fight back.

Earth was their best hope
They decided Earth was their best option to help them, but they were not sure if we had the technology to help, nor did they know if we would want to help them. Maybe we were just as bad as the Moadites…. But then they received the news of our Paris Peace Treaties, and were hopeful we could either help them negotiate, or defend their world. So they sent a ship on the five month journey to try and make contact.

The spaceships crew:
This was the longest trip they have ever made. The cloaked ship easily slipped past the Moadites. The teachers knew that if the mission was successful that they would remain to teach the Earthlings their technology, and in exchange some Earthlings would return to Zelma to help defend them.

1947: Roswell, New Mexico
The Zalmen came up with a plan on how to determine if the earthlings are friendly or not. They grew modified clones and as they flew over New Mexico they dropped an escape pod, with the clones inside, over the nuclear test site. But the parachute caught a wind and was blown about 100 miles east and it crash landed in Roswell. Captain Agugua and his cloaked ship hovered close by and watched what happened.