Happy Mother’s Day!

Does your mom like Science Fantasy? Science Fiction / Fantasy (or just Science Fantasy) combines both elements of Science Fiction and Fantasy. But what are they? In science fiction, everything has a logical explanation, while fantasy has elements that defy explanation. With science fantasy, there is usually a logical explanation for supernatural elements. Star WarsContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

It’s International Harry Potter Day!

The day the Battle of Hogwarts was won! Things Malcolm Dow and Harry Potter have in common: You can read Malcolm’s Story in “Roswell: First Contact” FREE at one of the following links: If you prefer paperback, audio, dyslexic or large print, try: https://books2read.com/u/3kPY5R Click on the images below for great freebies and sales! BooksContinue reading “It’s International Harry Potter Day!”

Audiobook – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here’s a free sample! After the end of WWII, General Greg Newman is looking for new ways to add stars to his shoulders. A week after the claims of aliens in Roswell, he is presented with a unique opportunity, two powerful superior officers want his attention. One extending the hand of friendship and the otherContinue reading “Audiobook – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided”

Receiving two reviews…

Both “Roswell: First Contact” and “Defying Gravity” are having reviews published in Clean Fiction Magazine on March 20, 2023! I am now a Earth’s Secret Alliance is launching into the literary universe when we need it most! Unique. Inspiring. Epic. Allegorical. Battles in space. Aliens. War. Other planets, other cultures. Secret Government Organizations. Romance (notContinue reading “Receiving two reviews…”

There are only 2 days left…

Earth’s Secret Alliance is Star Trek meets Star Wars meets Stargate meets The Marvel Cinematic Universe—but it’s so much more! Why is ESA inspiring, not just entertaining? Tony believes that we all have the same purpose–to use our gifts in service of others. As an author, Tony’s mission is to utilize his talent as aContinue reading “There are only 2 days left…”

There are only 3 days left…

Welcome to the awesome Kickstarter campaign for the long-awaited conclusion to the first four successful novellas of Earth’s Secret Alliance! The publishing of the 5th and final episode and the packaging of them into one fabulous volume is up to YOU! His first novella, published during the pandemic, sold over 4,000 copies! Tony couldn’t stopContinue reading “There are only 3 days left…”

Audiobook – Negotiations

Here’s a free sample! In 1947, master diplomat Ryan Wilcox is asked to negotiate an interplanetary alliance. It’s an opportunity that Earth can’t afford to miss. The aliens offer knowledge that will speed up human advancement by hundreds of years. However, the Zalmen are vegetarians and have never seen meat before. They become fearful ofContinue reading “Audiobook – Negotiations”

Audiobook – Roswell: First Contact

Nothing is what it seems… Here’s a free sample! In 1947, when Private Malcolm Dow went to clean up a flying saucer, he found what appeared to be three dead aliens, but is that the whole story? If you would like a free promo code, enter your email address below, reply to the welcome email,Continue reading “Audiobook – Roswell: First Contact”

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