I’ve written a screenplay!

As I mentioned before, I was close to completing my full-length novel. Then I received an email… “We’re gearing up for our … Screenplay Competition and I want to make sure you know all about it!” I am appreciative of each and every one of you who read my books and especially those who supportedContinue reading “I’ve written a screenplay!”

UFO Whistleblower

I’m amazed at how many people have said to me recently something like, “It sounds like UFOs are real, and the government has been covering them up.” Like, really? You think I just made it up? I thought this is a great time to give you an update on my books: I based my firstContinue reading “UFO Whistleblower”


Definition: Wholesaling is the act of buying goods in bulk from a manufacturer at a discounted price and selling to a retailer for a higher price, for them to repackage and in turn resell in smaller quantities at an even higher price to consumers. A big sales chain claims to be a wholesaler, but you’veContinue reading “Wholesale”

Why I think my stories are important

I think we have lost a lot in our scientific age and can learn much from our past. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. We should be finding and encouraging their strengths, and helping them with (or accepting) their weaknesses. That’s what my stories are about, allowing people to learn from their mistakes and bringingContinue reading “Why I think my stories are important”


76 years ago, was the start of what became known as the “Roswell Incident”. While the originally my research reported date between July 7th and 8th, I recently found out World UFO Day is July 2nd because that’s when some people say the UFO crashed. In my fictional story, the aliens observed the 4th ofContinue reading “Happy ROSWELL: FIRST CONTACT Day!”

Clean Fiction

I write clean fiction because I like stories that a family can read together, and there seems to be less and less out there. I write for all ages. I want kids to be able to read and enjoy it, as well as adults. More importantly, I want something that they can read and enjoyContinue reading “Clean Fiction”

“Negotiations” is FREE!

It’s the first anniversary of “Negotiations”! “Negotiations – Ryan Wicox: Episode 1” was released one year ago today! Over 2,500 copies sold! It’s FREE today only! Don’t miss it! Click on the images for great freebies and sales! Books to lift your spirits If you don’t mind writing reviews: Only $0.99 for the month ofContinue reading ““Negotiations” is FREE!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Does your mom like Science Fantasy? Science Fiction / Fantasy (or just Science Fantasy) combines both elements of Science Fiction and Fantasy. But what are they? In science fiction, everything has a logical explanation, while fantasy has elements that defy explanation. With science fantasy, there is usually a logical explanation for supernatural elements. Star WarsContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

How to get FREE BOOKS!

Free books are always available, you just have to know where to look. Mailing List Signups / Reader Magnets These are usually shorter stories written to get you to sign up for their mailing list. You have the option to unsubscribe, so it’s a good deal. These can be prequels or first chapters, and areContinue reading “How to get FREE BOOKS!”

May the 4th be with you!

The Force has made a big impact on my life and maybe yours as well. How many times have you tried to move an object with it? In Episode 1, we find that The Force does more than just move objects. Qui-gon says, “Just relax, the Force will guide us.” May your gut instincts beContinue reading “May the 4th be with you!”

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