Happy Valentines Day! :-)

“Defying Gravity” is FREE today ONLY! Who do you think is in love with Mary? Who do you think Mary is in love with? This Saturday, Feb 18, is the one-year anniversary of “Roswell: First Contact” and it will be FREE! Again, one day only! Mark your calendars! If you can, please GoFundMe. 🙂 YouContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day! :-)”

What’s new? FREE BOOKS!

“Defying Gravity” and “Roswell: First Contact” will be free for ONE DAY ONLY! See below for dates. I’m still working on the 5th book, “The Woundless War”, I hope to have it out in March. Unfortunately, I need your help to publish the next books, or it may not happen. Please support my GoFundMe. “DefyingContinue reading “What’s new? FREE BOOKS!”